SAFFE is a professional partnership of the fire service and the entertainment industry that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information promoting safety and protecting life, the environment, and the property the industry works in.

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0900 hrs at Disney Properties – 512 Paula Avenue, Glendale, 91201

Meeting Minutes

S.A.F.F.E.- Safety Advisory for Fire & FX in Entertainment


September 21, 2009

Location: Disney Properties,512 Paula Avenue,Glendale, 91201

  1.  Meeting was called to order at 0911 AM with self introductions
  2. Administrative business
    1. Next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 19, 2010, 0900am, Tues., CBS Studio Center, contact- David Limon
  3. State Fire Marshal update, Al Adams
    1. Theatrical Close Proximity Pyrotechnics Class will soon be given.  Subject: Pyrotechnics, flame effects and fire performers on stage and/or in front of an audience.  It will be first given to State Fire Marshal personnel.  Upon completion, students will receive a certificate.
    2. State licensed Pyrotechnics Operator backgrounds- State is looking into updating the system
  4. California Film Commission update, Jim Fitzpatrick
    1. Accepting applications for CA tax incentives beginning 2011, maximum 500 million dollars over a 5 year period.
    2. To help small, low budget features, no television.
    3. Features are down as productions are out of state but filming is still strong because of television production.
    4. FSO hourly rate for L.A. County Fire is now $138.00 (Glendale Fire Dept. later reported during the round table that their hourly rate is now $180)
    5. Film permitting process is now taking 4-5 days now instead of 2-3 days.
  5. Old Business
    1. NFPA 140- May be addressing requirements for facades. Not CFC article 46.
    2. Fire performers are having difficulty finding public places to practice.  They are working with fire, police and city governments to permit them.  Al Adams is going to develop an Information Bulletin by the State Fire Marshal’s office to educate jurisdictions regarding fire performers.
    3. FSO class is scheduled for October or November, 2009, inLong Beach.  Another FSO class may be scheduled for November 17-19, 2009, in Sacramento, CA.
    4. Al Adams thanked Jim Fitzpatrick (California Film Commision), Wendy Holt (AMPTP, CSATF), Paul Holehouse (Fireman’s Fund Insurance) and SAFFE for being guest speakers and contributors to FSO training.
    5. Mose Gomez, Safety Consultant, is conducting FSO training in Albuquerque, NM.
    6. REALITY SHOWS- are not like scripted productions as they are staffed differently.  For example, they usually do not have a location manager.  Sometimes they use the excuse, “We are not like the…”  Recently, a reality show in Sacramento was preparing to do explosions next to a freeway and federal building without the proper approvals, a task that most production managers know how to do.  Pyrotechnics done without a proper permit could result in a loss of license, fine and jail time.  Contestants are not employees and usually sign waivers.  When dealing with reality shows; remain diligent, communicate, ask questions, educate them and communicate some more.
  6. New Business
    1. Recent accidents
      1. China and Thailand had contestant drowning fatalities during reality shows.  No water safety personnel.  Student filmmaker extended his sound or video mast into power lines and is in Sherman Oaks burn center.
    2. Al Adams said that his unit will develop a “Green Sheet” report similar to the CALFIRE major incident/accident where general information about an incident can be generated and shared in a timely manner.
    3. Website-, update
    4. Out of state filming- Fire/Life Safety
    5. The DOT is requiring that anyone working on or near a road way has to wear reflective vest with a minimum 300 sq. inches of reflective material and as described as in Safety Bulletin, #21, Guidelines for Appropriate Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment.
    6. SAFFE training topics
      1. Our next topic will be “green” power supplies and bio fuels.  Please submit any requests for training to Rich Momii.
  7. Break @ 1105
  8. Roundtable
    1. Bren Wilcox-Jasiewicz attended the 2009 Burning Man where 800 pyrotechnics events occurred at the same time.
    2. Al Adams- New state regulations regarding flame throwing devices that shot flammable liquids 10 feet or greater will soon be in effect.
    3. Manhattan Beach FD- if significant reportable, 911 call, accident and/or injury occurs, the AHJ must maintain control of scene until proper investigation has been completed.  If fatality occurs, all activities are suspended until investigation has been completed.
    4. Glendale FD- their FSO rates are now $180/hr, 4 hr min.
    5. E.J. Lecouteux, NAFAA- participating in fire performer show at Knotts Berry Farm.  Looking into Nevada certificate process.  Seattle has a licensing program.
    6. LACoFD- Jason Nuesca is the Fire Prevention officer assigned to Universal Studios at Station 51.  SAFFE shared their condolences to the loss of their two firefighters.
    7. Paramount Studios- Allison Dillard is the new Production Safety Manager.
  9. Adjournment- 11:36am

Richard Momii,