SAFFE is a professional partnership of the fire service and the entertainment industry that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information promoting safety and protecting life, the environment, and the property the industry works in.

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0900 Hrs @ CBS Studios 4024 Radford Av, Studio City, CA

Meeting Minutes

S.A.F.F.E.- Safety Advisory for Fire & FX

in Entertainment

 MINUTES- January 19, 2010

Location:CBS STUDIO CENTER, 4024 Radford Av,Studio City,CA

  1. Meeting was called to order at 0928 AM with self introductions.
  2.  Administrative business- Next meeting is scheduled tentatively for April 20, 2010 at Universal Studios, contact: Mark Nance.
  3. State Fire Marshal update, Al Adams-
    1. FSO- Training classes
      1. There is an FSO  training class, Feb. 24-26, 2010, inSan Bernardino,CA., $150 includes certification, materials and lunch.
      2. Additional 2010 classes will occur inLos Angeles,Long Beach, Elk Grove, dates-TBD.
      3. Tonya Hoover is the Acting California State Fire Marshal.  She plans to be more active with the film industry.
    2. Fireworks Advisory Committee and the State Fire Marshal’s office are looking to updating the licensing system and syncing the background requirements between the State and the Federal organizations.
    3. Theatrical Close Proximity Pyrotechnics Class work book is being finalized.  Upon completion of the 8 hour class, students will receive a certificate.  The classes will be open to anyone.
  4. Old Business
    1. California Film Commission update- Jim Fitzpatrick. There is still 15 million dollars in tax incentives still available for the 2010, 100 million dollar allotment. There has been a rush in commercial productions- Super Bowl event.  Furlough days will continue to affect the film permit process.  Permits are down 19% in 2010.  The Nellis Facility is now up for sale.  Production has increased for filming onCaliforniafreeways.
    2. Bob Cavaglieri, Universal Studios, updated SAFFE regarding the progress of the backlot reconstruction.  He is attempting to organize a tour of the committee should we be able to have our April meeting at Universal.
    3. Chris Schiehl, NBC Universal says that NFPA 140 committee is waiting to see how CFC 46 is going to address facades.
    4. Bren Wilcox-Jasiewicz and David Jasiewicz, fire performers, discussed how high permit and/or FSO fees have made it cost restrictive even though they are following the proper procedures. This seems to lead to less scrupulous performers and event planners to avoid the permit process.
    5. EJ LeCouteux, fire performer, asked if a Registry of Fire Performers can be established inCalifornialike there is inNevada.  Without licensing, testing and background investigation, it would appear to be impossible inCaliforniaespecially during their bleak financial status.
  5. New Business
    1. Recent accidents- Warner Bros. said that a defibrillator was accidentally discharged, 200 joules, on an actor in a television show.  The actor suffered no long term effects.
    2. Green screens- Are there green screens out there that can be treated with fire retardant or green screens that are fire resistant because of their manufacturing process?
      1. Screens cannot be treated with retardants without discoloration or uneven coloration.
      2. There are companies that make green screens that are fire resistive and may be readily available.
      3. Other safety concerns lately are screens that encompass the production blocking easy emergency exiting which leads to portable exit signs, FSO standby, portable emergency exit lights, fire extinguishment equipment and limited crew size.
      4. Key measure- early planning and discussions between production, production safety and fire authority.
    3. Direction of SAFFE- Al would like to see some of our SAFFE members take a leadership role and prepare themselves for a leadership position on the committee.
  6. Roundtable
    1. Tassilo Bauer- is training drivers on the use of his approved, reusable cardboard box for transportation of pyrotechnics effects products.
    2. Matt Dobberpuhl- requesting examples of fire/life safety procedures, guidelines and checklists from SAFFE members.
  7. Adjournment- 11:56am
  8. NEXT MEETING- (to be confirmed) NBC/Universal Studios, 0900am, April 20, 2010

Richard Momii,